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Date & time are off

Date & time are off

If date or time changed after dive or on daliy use, please   

  1. Update Firmware
  2. Set the correct time zone
  3. Calibrate the GPS
    1.  Using the “sync GPS” function in ATOMS App to sync the satellite ephemeris data to the MISSION ONE, which shortens the time needed to acquire the GPS signal.
    2. Stay in an open area with an unobstructed view of the sky. Make sure the watch face is pointed to the sky.
    3. Enable GPS – Switch to any dive mode, press the mid button to access DIVESITE function, go to “ADD”.  You will see a blinking satellite icon at top.
    4. The satellite will stop blinking and the MISSION ONE will vibrate when GPS coordinates are acquired.  Then the issue will be fixed.


※Mission one won’t be able to track the time & date if battery is flat.


Contact us for more help: (Fb message)