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Ready for More Discoveries

Ready for More Discoveries
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The MISSION2 is your go-to watch for Sports and Health activities! Our innovative device tracks and monitors a wide variety of sports activities including diving, swimming, biking, skiing, running, and walking. Additional watch features include a heart rate monitor, step counter, calories used calculation, and sleep monitoring!


The MISSION2’s vibrant hi-res 1.2″color screen clearly displays your real-time GPS information, digital compass, and smart notifications. Sync the MISSION2 with the user-friendly ATMOS App for detailed record keeping of all your sports activities!


The MISSION2’s new sleeker design comes in an assortment of great new colors allowing you to show off your own unique style.

MISSION2 connects you from the Mountains to the Sea!


A New Level of Personal Discovery with these great features

  • Sapphire crystal lens

  • 1.2, Sunlight-visible, Hi-res Color Display

  • Auto-on and constant backlight on dive

Hear, See, and Feel the alarms

With Vibration, Visual, and Audible alarms, you’ll never miss your safety or deco stops; you’ll always be warned of ascending too quickly; and you’ll always know when you’ve reached your customized Depth and Time limits.

Meets all your diving needs

  • Super intuitive user interface

  • Scuba Air, Nitrox, and Gauge modes

  • Freediving mode (Multiple Ascent & descent notify)

  • New! Freediving Pool mode

  • Gauge mode (Bottom Timer)

  • Mark GPS coordinates & dive spot guidance

Sport and Health

  • Multisport: Running, Swimming, Biking, Skiing

  • Health: Heart rate, Step counter, Calories calculation, Sleep monitoring

  • Built in Altimeter, Compass

  • Weather & Tidal (App required)


Smart and stylish design

  • Smartphone notifications

  • Digital, analog, and custom photo watch faces

  • ATMOS App

  • Upgradeable firmware

  • Quick release watch strap


the divesite

Mark your dive entry and exit GPS locations and they’ll be shown in the ATMOS App!
(Surface use only)

Share your dive adventures

Sync with the ATMOS App to create and save a detailed dive log!


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White Gold|Black|White Silver|Black Gold

Water Rating 100m (EN13319)
Size 50 x 50 x 16.8mm
Weight 83g
Lens Material Sapphire Crystal Lens
Display 1.2″, sunlight-visible, transflective, hi-res color display
Bezel & Button Material Stainless steel 316L
Case Material Fiber-reinforced polymer
Watch Strap Silicone, Width 26 mm, Quick release
Rechargeable Battery ✔ Lithium Ion, factory replaceable
Memory/ History 128 logs
Languages EN, KO, JA, ZH-CN, ZH-TW
Metric and Imperial units
Operating Temperature (diving) 0° C to +45° C / +32° F to +113° F (±2°C)
Operating temperature (non-diving): -20 °C to +60 °C / -4 °F to +140 °F
Battery Life Watch Mode (Heart Rate off): Up to 7 days
Sport Mode (GPS & Heart Rate on): Up to 7 hours
Dive Mode: Up to 20 hours
(Battery life varies by use)
Firmware Upgradeable
Time, Date
GPS Time Sync
Dual time
Alarm Clock
24-hour Military Time
Heart Rate
Calories Burned
Step Counter
Barometric Altimeter
Digital Compass
Depth Sensor
Smartphone Compatibility Most common iOS/ Android phones supported
Smart Notifications
Sunrise & Sunset Times
Modes Air/ Nitrox/ Freedive/ Freedive pool/ Gauge
Decompression Model Bühlmann ZHL-16c (GF configurable)
Gas ✔ Single gas (Oxygen 21-40%)
In-water Activation
Depth & Time Alarms
Safety Stop
Dive Ascent Indicator
No Fly Time
Surface Time
Freedive Ascent/ Descent Alarm ✔ (10 sets)
Freedive Stopwatch
Dive Planner
PO2 1.2-1.6
Fresh/ Salt water
Backlight ✔ (Auto-on on Dive)
Altitude Adjustment ✔ (Automatic)
Digital Compass
Mark Dive Entry & Exit GPS Locations ✔ (Surface use only)
Dive spot GPS guidance ✔ (Surface use only)
Alarm Methods Visual, Vibration and Audible Buzzer
Alerts & Alarms Fast Ascent|Safety Stop|Low NDL|Deco Stop|Deco Stop Ceiling Violation|Dive Time|Depth|Low Battey|MOD|CNS|S.I. Notify|Check SPG
Residual Tissue Loading Reset
Digital Dive Log ATMOS App (iOS/ Android)
Running ✔ (indoor/ outdoor)
Biking ✔ (indoor/ outdoor)
Swimming ✔ (indoor/ outdoor)
What’s in the box MISSION2
Standard silicone band (Width 26mm, Length 135-230mm)
Charging cable
Screen protector (2 pcs)
Warranty card