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Can’t sync log (Response Status code was unacceptable: 500)

Why the log can’t be synced


If the App shows  “Response Status code was unacceptable: 500.” 

It indicates some dive logs in the mission one are broken when restarted after a long period of extreme no-battery status.

To be able to sync log again. The only method is to go to SEETING > SYSTEM > CLEAR ALL LOGS. It’ll ensure the watch can sync with app again.

Avoid extremely low battery status. Charge and power off the Mission one every 2-3 months if not in use.

Please update the firmware to fix it: Firmware Update

If it is not above issue. Please try unpair and re-pair again:

iOS – Fail to Pair / Can’t find MISSION ONE / Can’t sync / Re-pair

Android – Fail to Pair / Can’t find the MISSION ONE / Can’t sync log / Re-pair




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