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Firmware Release Notes

  • Added 4 new freediving modes, STA, CO2 Table, O2 Table and Custom.
  • Freediving surface interval reminder can be set in minutes and seconds.
  • Start dive notify can be turned off.
  • Reset the timer in Gauge mode will also reset the average depth.
  • Added a dive site shortcut in the mode menu.
  • Added three new watch faces.
  • Turkish and Russian languages are supported in notifications.
  • Minor bug fixes and UI improved.
  • Scuba compass will show counter lock heading in red arrow.
  • Can switch on/off the GPS in all diving modes.
  • Add Lock keys: Press and hold the left top key for 2s can Lock the keys to prevent accidental key presses.
  • Freediving depth and time alarm’s method can be chosen as vibration, sound, or both.
  • Add Power off in the system settings.
  • Minor bug fixes and UI improved.
  • Improved dive alarm pattern.
  • Added a quick view in the freedive logbook.
  • Clear log will also reset the dive history (count).
  • Tank volume unit changed to cu ft. (Imperial).
  • Minor bug fixes and UI improved.
  • Heart rate sensor will auto-off to save power when Mission2 is on a flat opaque surface.
  • Added auto on/off in freedive pool mode.
  • In watch mode, press and hold the left-bottom button can turn the heart on/off.
  • Minor bug fixes and UI improved.
  • Freedive: The depth and time of the last dive will show in surface rest period.
  • Scuba dive: Simplified the Dive plan user interface.
  • End dive time is changed to 3 mins, can manually extend it.
  • Fixed the calculation of swimming distance.
  • Step count will update while walking in the step counter widget.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Fix Android smart notification bug
  • Simplify the setting process when first start
  • Fix incorrect words