– Add French language

– Depth and Time alarm can be turned on/off on Scuba/ Gauge mode

– Improve the battery run time

– Cancel the freediving ascent Depth alarm

– Sunrise/sunset time supports Half Hour time zone

– Increase the display refreshing rate on Freediving mode

– Minor bug fixes


-Added STEP COUNTER. To turn on it, please go to SETTING.

-Added DELETE log in the LOGBOOK.


-Rearranged and added digital watch faces. Press right-bottom button to view different info.

-Shows 99+ when NDL is longer than 99 mins.

-Notifies when dive mode activated or about to end.

-Changes color when stay at proper decompression depth

-Minor bug fixes.


Changed the button to exit the STOPWATCH to button D (bottom left).

Added a 24-hour countdown timer next to the NO-FLY icon.

Added a POWER SAVING function that turns off display and Bluetooth if idle for 2 minutes.

The device will now vibrate and show “”OK!”” when COMPASS is calibrated.

Fixed a bug where tracking would not activate at the defined start depth when using imperial units.

Minor bug fixes


Added an “OFF” mode in Default Dive (Turn on it will shut down the in water activation)

Fixed time change issue from GPS time sync

Now user can change time zone before setting time

Water temperature shows to one decimal point In Scuba Log

Adjusted the activation range to 1.5-2m (5-8ft)


The maximum number in each freediving log group is extended to 128 dives.

Now SCUBA log profile can be played.

Safety stop, fast ascent, and deco stop mark can be viewed in SCUBA log profile.

Adjust the speed rate requirement of the fast-ascent alarm.

Fix some bugs in freediving mode.

Automatically turn off the backlight while in the surface interval in freediving mode.


Enable GLONASS to improve the GPS performance (must use it in an open area)

Add auto-correct date and time by GPS, please set the correct time zone

Can hold the right-top button to reset the digital compass while diving

Add charging bar animation

Bug fix


-Add Japanese and Korean language

Charging screen improvement

Add freedive log playback

Display notifications 10 seconds

Close backlight during freedive rest time

End dive delay extends to 60 minutes in freedive mode.

Bluetooth capability improvement(Please set corresponding OS in settings-connect-connect app)

V1.011 / 1.012

Freedive log profile improvement

GPS time improvement

Campass improvement

Add PinCode option

 (If your Android app has trouble pairing with Mission One, you can unpair and set the pincode to “NO” (Setting -> System -> Pincode)


Fixed occasionally time & date change. Please set correct timezone according to your location (or pair ATMOS App)

Add freedive log graphic profile

Add freedive rest time notification: Rest time will be depth divide 5 (minute) if depth over 30M,

Add Alarm remind option. (Vibration/Buzzer/Both).

Depth & Time alarm on freedive mode: add to 10 Sets.

Freedive time alarm interval: from 10s to 5s.

Add Safety Pause notification during safety stop.

Remove daylight saving setting.

MOD will show on the display while adjusting PPO2 or Airmix.